Wholesale Tongue and Groove Pine

Beiler's Sawmill is your go-to source for premium tongue and groove pine. Our company takes pride in providing top-grade materials that exceed industry standards. We offer V-groove and beaded designs or custom patterns for larger orders. 

Our selection of thin to wide tongue and groove boards cater to your specific needs. We offer 1x6, 1x8, 2x6, 2x8 dimensions and 8', 10', 12', 14' and 16' lengths for versatility. We're proud to serve customers throughout Pennsylvania and businesses along the East Coast. 

tongue and groove pine board

What Are The Uses of Tongue and Groove Wood?

Pine is popular because it adds warmth and character to a space while being cost-effective. It can be left natural for a rustic appearance or stained, painted or sealed to accommodate different styles and preferences. In tongue and groove wood, the "tongue" is a protruding side on the edge of the plank and the "groove" is a corresponding piece on the opposite edge. 

The wood joins together with an interlocking system. With a secure and seamless connection, the planks prevent gaps for a tight fit and provide a visually pleasing appearance without nails or screws showing. 

Here are the most common uses for tongue and groove wood:

  • Ceilings: Tongue and groove looks decorative as a patterned or solid surface on a ceiling. 
  • Walls: White pine paneling appears timeless as an accent wall or looks cohesive on multiple walls.
  • Shelving: The boards offer functional use as shelving in storage areas such as pantries and closets.
  • Wainscoting: Thin tongue and groove planks can look decorative or protect walls from wear and tear.
  • Flooring: Tongue and groove planks create an attractive, seamless and stable flooring that's easy to install. 

Tongue and Groove Wood Options

At Beiler's Sawmill, we offer tongue and groove wood in many decorative styles. Our selection showcases its eye-catching, one-of-a-kind character in the following patterns: 


A V-groove pattern includes a 1/2 "V" cut into the edge of each joint. The boards form an actual V-shaped groove down when they're connected. 


A beaded pattern involves taking a tongue and groove board and cutting a recess with beading. When the pieces line up together, you'll see a beaded effect along the edge and a bead running down the middle of the board can add more texture. 

Custom Pattern

Have a different idea for your tongue and groove boards? Our professionals can customize the perfect pattern for you when you place a larger order. 

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