Timber Mats For Construction Sites

Beiler's Sawmill is a leading supplier of Timber Mats to construction companies across the country.  We cut our timber mats at our sawmill in lengths up to 40'.  They the metal to connect the mats is installed on-site so the finished product is delivered out the door.  Our timber mats are made from a variety of hardwoods harvested locally.

Timber Mat Specs

Below are our capabilities for milling hardwood construction mats:

  • Widths of 24" to 96" long
  • 6-10" thickness
  • 4'-40' length
  • Lifting bolts installed on both ends
  • Built using a variety of mixed dense hardwoods such as white oak, red oak, and maple
  • Wax coated ends to avoid rot

We offer these mats in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses to accommodate any job.

Safe & Reliable Construction Site Access

Our timber mats are used in a wide variety of applications for safe and reliable transportation.  They can hold thousands of pounds making them ideal for transportation of heavy equipment.  A few common places our timber mats are used include:

  • Oil & gas drilling sites
  • Swamps
  • Power transmission and distribution sites
  • Heavy civil construction
  • Marine construction
  • Bridges for logging companies
  • & more!