Forestry Management Services

Logging, Timber Harvesting, Vegetation Management & More in The Lancaster Area

At Beiler’s Sawmill we offer complete forestry management services.  We offer complete timber harvesting and logging services, as well as vegetation management, timber management, and horse/mule logging.

Key Components of Our Forest Management Services

logging truck getting loaded with logs

Timber Harvesting & Logging

Proper timber management is essential in maintaining a steady income from your land investment. This service is frequently used to help our customers afford the land they’ve bought, make additional income, and ultimately clear areas that are overgrown on their property.

Timber harvesting It is also beneficial to the wildlife that lives on the land. When done properly, timber harvesting is a great way to encourage the growth and regeneration of desirable tree species in your forest for the future. Put your forest in good hands with experienced forest managers!

Specialized Horse/Mule Logging

Certain logging sites require a more delicate method of harvesting than traditional skidding using heavy equipment. That is why we offer mule logging services. While this type of harvest is not suitable for all logging sites, it is a great option for smaller jobs or sensitive areas. Contact us today and we will gladly pay you a visit to discuss your options!

logging with mules
vegetation management

Vegetation Management

Herbicide applications are important for proper forest management because they help to control invasive plants and maintain a healthy forest. Oftentimes, poorly executed timber sales or other disturbances can lead to problems with undesirable vegetation, which outcompetes native tree regeneration. Invasive plants are not good food for wildlife, and they severely damage the future value of your forest. In order to ensure the growth of desirable tree species, consider an herbicide treatment! If you have any questions about invasive plants on your property, feel free to contact us today!

Benefits of Logging Your Land

Make Money - We will pay you for any lumber we are able to harvest from your land.  Pennsylvania hardwoods can be worth more than most would think.  Typically we’ll pay by the board foot based on the species for your lumber.  We're typically interested in areas with 50 trees or more. We're willing to travel to locations throughout PA, NJ, DE, and MD for quality timber.

Clear Areas That Are Becoming Hard To Navigate - Logging can be beneficial to clear areas of trees and unwanted vegetation for areas on your land that are becoming increasingly difficult to navigate.  Whether you're using your land for hunting or casual strolls with your dog, our logging services can help make your land more navigable.

Great For the Wildlife - PA Forests provide a home to over 400 species of birds and wild mammals. A well-maintained forest can provide many benefits to the wildlife residing there.  Young, fresh habitats mixed with mature habitats can lead to increased biodiversity for animals that thrive in specific habitats. 

Questions About Our Timber Harvesting or Forestry Management Services?

If you have any questions about the benefits of our forestry management services, we’re happy to help.  Our team can answer any questions you may have and also assess your piece of land for our timber harvesting services.