Firewood For Sale in Lancaster County, PA

Beiler's Sawmill offers firewood from the scraps we have at the mill.  All of these pieces are hardwood.  Most of the wood is White Oak, Red Oak and Poplar.  Pieces vary in size.  Most of the pieces are 3"-12" long.  This firewood is available by the pallet and costs $30 per pallet.

This wood is NOT seasoned or kiln dried.  We can load this wood using a forklift and we typically have 15-40 pallets available.  Supply varies.  Delivery is not available for our firewood, but it can be picked up at 921 Lancaster Pike, Quarryville, PA from 8am to 4pm Monday-Friday.  The pictures below should give you some idea of the size of the firewood blocks.  They aren't measured, but each pallet is probably around a half cord of wood.