Green Hardwood Lumber Sold in Bulk

At Beiler’s Sawmill, we offer a huge selection of hardwood species harvested from timberland across the east coast.  We cut and sell white oak, red oak, black walnut, poplar, ash, hickory, cherry, maple, beech, birch, and locust.  Other hardwoods may be available upon request.  We are a leading wholesaler in the area and specialize in high-volume orders that are 8,000 or more board feetPlease note we do not keep an inventory on hand and each order is cut to your specifications.  We work with many of the leading lumber companies across the world by handling their sawing needs so they can focus on kiln-drying, planing, and selling their lumber to the end-user.

Our hardwood lumber products are available in custom dimensions, or in common thicknesses and grades such as 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, and 10/4.

Popular Lumber Types We Sell:

Each species of lumber below can be cut by our team.  Please keep in mind that we have a minimum order of 8,000 board feet, or approximately 1 truckload.

White Oak Lumber

white oak grain

White oak is the most popular species we mill.  We offer flat sawn, rift sawn, and quarter sawn white oak lumber.

Ash Lumber

ash grain

We offer graded white ash lumber in many sizes including 4/4, 5/4, and 8/4.

Walnut Lumber

walnut grain

Black walnut is an extremely desirable wood species.  We cut walnut grade lumber.

Poplar Lumber

poplar log

We cut a lot of poplar lumber that's used for furniture, pallets, building material, and more.

Red Oak Lumber

red oak grain

Red oak is the second most popular lumber species we offer.  We offer it quarter sawn, rift sawn and flat sawn.

Cherry Lumber


Cherry is a popular wood for furniture makers.  We saw locally cut cherry wood.

Maple Lumber


Maple is a miscellaneous hardwood we offer. We offer ambrosia maple and more.

Benefits of Buying Your Hardwood Lumber From Beiler's Sawmill

Better Costs - One of the main benefits of buying your lumber from Beiler’s Sawmill is that we are a sawmill, meaning you’ll buy directly from the source.  Our lumber is sold in bulk, so we're able to offer it at wholesale prices.  At our mill, we offer turnkey services which start with our logging services.  The lumber is then transported to the mill where it’s processed into various sizes once ordered.  Lumber stores across the country rely on our services to keep their customers, the end-users, happy.  We take this role seriously to make sure we get your business the lumber it needs on time and at a fair cost.

Diversity in Wood Types on Hand - We offer over 10 types of domestic hardwoods that we typically have on hand at any time. Beiler Sawmill is constantly buying logs.  This allows us to keep a huge inventory on hand that we can cut and have ready for pickup faster than other wholesalers.

Any Wood Grade - We have the capabilities to produce wood of varying grades.  Most lumber we produce is FAS but other grades of lumber are available upon request!  We follow common grading rules sought after by lumber companies such as "walnut rules".  Just let our sales team know what you're using the lumber for and we can get you the best possible product at our best price.

Specialty Cut Hardwood We Offer

Hardwood can be custom cut to any of your needs, as long as it meets our 8,000 board foot minimum order. Below are some common products we offer to our customers across the U.S.

Live Edge Slabs

live edge slab huge

We have thousands of green live edge slabs in sizes reaching 50+ inches across.  These are commonly bought by lumber stores to sell to customers interested in building live edge tables of all shapes and sizes.

Custom Dimensional Lumber

specialty cut lumber in any dimension

Beiler’s Sawmill manufactures construction materials for barns, trailer decking, horse stall flooring and more. Any size you need.

Timber Mats

wood timber mats

We manufacture and assemble timber mats that can be anywhere from 8 to 40 feet in length. These are used as bridges on construction jobs.

Specialty Beams

specialty wood beams over forty feet long

We manufacture specialty beams that can be as long as 40 to 50 feet if needed.  These are typically used for bridges, construction, and pipeline mats. We also offer pre-assembled timber mats.

Pallet Cut Stock

pallet cut stock ready to ship

We produce custom pallet stock for pallet manufacturers as well as blocking, cribbing, and more.

Cant Lumber

cant lumber stacked

Cant lumber is typically slabbed on 1 to 3 sides and is 2" thick or more. It's used when additional sawing will be needed for custom products.

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Visitors

We are a wholesaler and sell to businesses across the county.  Our customers are typically those who buy in bulk and have a steady demand for green lumber.  This includes lumber companies, pallet manufacturers, construction companies, and more.

Trust Beiler's Sawmill To Be Your Go-To Hardwood Lumber Supplier

Hardwood lumber is our specialty.  If you’re looking to buy hardwood lumber from Beiler's Sawmill, simply find what you need on our site and request a quote today!  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply fill out our contact form now and a representative will be in touch with you!