Wholesale Dimensional Lumber

Beiler's Sawmill is the go-to source for wholesale dimensional lumber in Lancaster, PA. We offer a vast selection of premium lumber, cut and planed to perfection. You'll find various sizes and species in our offerings and quantities to support your large-scale projects. 

Our Dimensional Lumber Service Offerings

At Beiler's Sawmill, we manufacture quality dimensional lumber for various applications. Our offerings come in standard lumber lengths and widths, such as 2×4, 2×6 and 2×8. We mill large amounts of lumber for wholesale purposes and can cut and prepare the wood based on your specifications.

Our wholesale dimensional lumber comes in a variety of wood species, including: 

  • White oak: Our white oak lumber is heavy and hard with excellent resistance to wear. As one of our most popular species, the lumber offers a stunning texture and color that ranges from light tan to brown. 
  • Walnut: Our incredibly durable walnut dimensional lumber is another sought-after option from our selection. The wood has a rich, dark brown hue and boasts stability and long-lasting performance. 
  • Red oak: With a distinct look and versatility, our red oak remains a timeless and excellent choice for numerous applications, from woodworking to interior design.
  • Poplar: Our poplar wood is cut into lightweight dimensional lumber that is easy to work with. 
stack of lumber ready to ship

Common Uses for Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional lumber is well-known for its strength and versatility, making it suitable for many uses. Some of the common applications for our whole-dimensional lumber include:

Framing Construction

Dimensional lumber is commonly used to provide structural support in wood framing construction. The lumber has load-bearing capabilities and can hold heavy weights without warping or cracking, which is why it is used to frame walls and roofing. The lumber can also be used for hardwood flooring, providing a sturdy foundation that withstands traffic.

Furniture Building

This durable and appealing lumber can be transformed into furniture pieces. Dimensional lumber is versatile, allowing furniture builders to create cabinets, chairs, tables and more.

Wood Dunnage

Dimensional lumber can be used as wood dunnage, which is wooden transportation equipment. The sturdy material helps secure and ensure the stability of cargo and packages during transit.

Cribbing Lumber

As a cribbing structure, dimensional lumber has the strength and weight distribution capacity to provide steady support and stabilize heavy equipment.


Benefits of Working With Beiler's

Beiler's Sawmill is an Amish-owned and operated mill with decades of experience in the industry. We've honed our craftmanship and processes over the years to deliver high-quality hardwood lumber. Our inventory includes a diverse range of wood types with over 10 hardwood species. 

Since our dimensional hardwood lumber comes directly from the source, we can offer the best pricing to fit your budget. We value precision and accuracy at every stage to ensure each piece of lumber meets your standards. 

Choose Beiler's Sawmill as Your Dimensional Lumber Supplier

When you need high-quality standard or custom dimensional lumber in Lancaster, PA, choose Beiler's Sawmill as your trusted local supplier. Our knowledgeable team can help you select the suitable species, sizes and quantities to support your applications. Contact us to learn more or request a quote today.