What Trees Are Most Profitable to Sell?

Selling trees that are worth the most money from your forest will add some extra cash to your pocket. Trees fetch different prices because of various factors involved in the calculations. This guide will discuss the most valuable trees right now so you can find out if you have any in your forest that you can sell to earn income.

The 2 Most Valuable Trees in Your Forest

Trees possess various physical characteristics that boost or shrink their stumpage value. The stumpage value refers to the price a buyer is willing to pay the owner of a standing tree (also known as a tree on its stump). 

If you have some white oak trees on your lawn and are wondering how much a large oak tree is worth, you're on the right track — white oak trees have a high stumpage value, making them some of the most valuable ones in your forest. Buyers pay a higher price for white oak trees because they are light brown with grain patterns. These characteristics are a top choice for designing furniture, floors, fences and decks. 

Walnut trees compete with oak trees to fetch the highest returns in the market. They sell for a high price because high-end furniture designers love their light brown to dark chocolate colors and their strength — they create unique tables, chairs and other premium furniture pieces. Hiring an expert to harvest these trees will enable you to extend their life, as they take years to mature. 

Difference Between Yard Trees vs. Forest Trees


Yard trees grow on privately controlled property, while forest trees grow freely in the deep wild. Forest trees fetch a higher value than yard trees because of their dark heartwood that produces smooth veneers for creating doors and cabinets. Additionally, the chances of finding undesirable foreign items, like nails hammered on forest trees, are low. 

Yard trees may fetch an even lower value if they have white sapwood and nails or grow near fences and structures that complicate harvesting.

Elements That Determine the Value of a Tree

Other factors that increase the value of a tree include:

  • The tree's shape and health 
  • The absence of defects 
  • Uniform growth 
  • A consistent color
  • The size of the heart
  • A centered pith

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